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Rainbow Wall

The Rainbow Wall was created by ten talented Italian artists who spent a month in Hong Kong. It comprises panels that depict seven kinds of love in the world. The scenes on each panel tell different stories when viewed from the left or right, portraying an amazing 14 scenes on seven surfaces.

Red Wall - side 1

In the first painting, the tree by which Adam and Eve sinned is now transformed into an environment of peace and tranquility.

Red Wall - side 2

In the second painting, the light around the hands from the above symbolizes the help from God, with which we in turn help others.

Orange Wall - side 1

The first painting shows man and woman being united in joy. The facial closeness of the man and the woman symbolizes perfect love and unity

Orange Wall - side 2

The second painting shows two lovers painting on the sky their dreams, which evolve into flowers and doves of peace , to symbolize world harmony

Yellow Wall - side 1

The first painting depicts the joy in the family. A family that lives happily together can rejoice in liberty and love. The white wings, the over-hanging sun and the trees represent close relationships with nature.

Yellow Wall - side 2

The second painting shows motherly love and a woman's affection for her son. It symbolizes a sense of security of being protected and well cared for.

Green Wall - side 1

The first painting represents the unity of Man with nature. The man sitting on a whale guides her away from a fishing net to a place of tranquility and peace. The whale, being covered by trees, symbolizes the unity of all elements in nature.

Green Wall - side 2

The second painting represents the concept that care for nature bring changes to our lives.By nourishing a plant, the woman gives life to the plant, transforming leaves into flying birds. In doing so, her life is transformed into one of a greater joy.

Blue Wall - side 1

The first painting shows a boy standing on a foundation of roots, from which new leave (new future) is growing. It symbolizes the linkage of future with the past. As we grow up, our experiences, love and hatred, joy and sorrow intermingle at each stage of life, and they give birth to the future.

Blue Wall - side 2

The second painting is a symbol of human choice and determination.

Indigo Wall - side 1

The first painting represents the beauty of generous giving. By giving ourselves, we welcome love and harmony in, warming our lives as a hearth to a house

Indigo Wall - side 2

The second painting represents the beauty of generous giving, without asking for a return. Unselfish giving promotes a long-lasting friendship. The indigo tones of the painting are accentuated by the gold colour of the gift-wrap, signifying the generosity of the giver and the value of the gift.

Violet Wall - side 1

The human pyramid of the first painting represents the capacity for building human relationships. The men and women here live and relate to one another in peace and harmony.

Violet Wall - side 2

The second painting represents the fascinating beauty of meeting different people during our lifetime. Each face symbolizes a story we have come across and an experience we have had. The faces have different expressions, colours and ages. We have to live in peace with and respect all members of our human race.


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